N CA Wedding Venue

When choosing a northern California wedding venue, it’s important to consider the catering choices for a given venue.

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The Long Branch folks understand the importance of the wedding feast. The featured caterer is Cameron’s Stagecoach Catering with down home country barbecue including choices of ribs, chicken, sirloin tip, and fish, or all of the above. The huge barbecue attended by western attired cooks becomes part of the show at our venue. Side dishes are arrayed on an authentic old stagecoach for guests to file past buffet style, filling their plates. Cameron’s menu packages are generous with something for everyone: green salad, cole slaw, beans, corn bread, macaroni salad, potato salad, corn on the cob.

This northern California western town venue is complete with chapel, saloon, grand parlor, jail, barbershop, and mercantile. The old fashioned food completes the wild West atmosphere as steaming food comes straight off the barbecue. Cameron offers pre-ceremony munchies for the wedding party and guests who arrive early.

Occasionally a bride has a favorite caterer already selected and that’s permitted. By teaming up with Cameron’s Catering, the Long Branch can save the wedding planners time and hassle. The quality and amount of food assure the best menu for the money. Complete your plans for a northern California wedding venue by scheduling a site visit at the Long Branch.

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